about Rachel

Oh hello…

Thanks for stopping by! So you want to know more about me? Well for starters…

I am a US expat, a wife, a writer, and a communications professional working for a Scottish NGO. I moved to the UK almost 6 years ago to study international relations and met my husband, James (yes, I recognise this is hysterically ironic). We both live in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, in our renovated Victorian flat. I love folk music, cooking and interior design. I am passionate about travelling and I’m constantly dreaming about my next adventure.

I’m passionate about writing and how it brings each one of us together. I write to encourage others to realise their full potential in Christ. While I am no Bible expert, nor do I have a theological degree; I want others to know that they have been fearfully made to live fearless lives. I am passionate about living life courageously. I try to be as honest and real as possible in my writing, and ultimately I want to relate to my readers on a personal level. I hope that as we go on this journey together, we’ll both learn something new and discover that we’ve been made for so much more.

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3 thoughts on “about Rachel

  1. Hi–I just read your Relevant Magazine article (March issue) on line. I attempted to post a comment but I’m not on FB so wasn’t able to. So…here it is, and thank you again!

    Thank you, Rachel. I know what you’re talking about and I used to be ashamed to share my anxiety and depression with anyone, in the church and outside. I’m now 66 years young and having come through some very painful times, I have learned some really important things about myself. I am multifaceted and so are my mental health issues–I am physical, I am emotional, I am spiritual, among other things. To limit myself to treating just one facet — spirituality — when an issue is rooted in all parts of me, wouldn’t be at all enough. It’s helped me to explain to others why — besides prayer and fellowship — medication (for the physical me) and counseling (for the emotional me) all work together. There’s never really been anything to be ashamed of.


  2. Hi Rachel! I read your article in Relevant magazine called, “When God won’t take away your anxiety.” Honestly, I felt like you took the words right out of my head. It led me here. I’m so glad I’m not alone. You’re living my dream life and it gives me hope. I’m striving to be a Christian writer. (And I’m obsessed with the UK!) But it’s so hard. You have to constantly fight the thoughts telling you you’re not good enough. Thanks for giving me hope.


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